5 Best Long Shackle Padlock (Unpickable & Risk Free Padlock To Secure)

Long shackle padlocks are convenient in many ways actually. You can use them in a variety of hasp sizes because of their ample space inside the shackle. But, shackles are the most vulnerable parts of a lock. When intruders go tampering with locks, their primary target is always the shackle. The longer the shackle, the exposed it becomes to risk. That is why it’s crucial to find the right lock, especially when shopping for a long shackle lock. 

We’ve included a detailed guideline about everything you need to know to get the best long shackle padlock. Remember that there’s no such thing as an unpickable padlock. Every lock is unique and specializes in different fields. The features you need or admire most will determine which one to go for in the end. Stay tuned to know all about long shackle padlocks. 

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5 Best Long Shackle Padlock

Long shackles padlocks come in a wide range of varieties. We’ve selected the 5 best unpickable padlocks among other options so that your search for the perfect padlock becomes easier. Let’s take a look at them. 

ABUS 37/55MB50 KA Granit Alloy Steel Long Shackle Padlock

ABUS 37/55MB50 KA Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Alike (Code 5544653) with 2" Long Shackle
  • High-Security Steel Padlock: Made from hardened alloy steel with a tensile resistance of 6 tons, this padlock features the ABUS Plus disc cylinder for the highest protection against picking; Keyed alike; includes 2 keys
  • Hardened Steel Protection: Shackle and body are made from hardened alloy steel with black Granit coating for extreme corrosion resistance; Disk cylinder is extremely drill resistant; Includes 2 keys, one with an Led light and anti key duplication card
  • Padlocks for Any Application: Discover our full line of padlocks, from OSHA approved safety locks to heavy duty Granit padlocks and disc locks to brass, steel and aluminum models, to resettable combination, rekeyable and keyed alike locks
  • The World's Leading Security Manufacturer: We offer a comprehensive line of home, commercial security and worker safety products including padlocks and hasps, chains and cables, key storage and safety devices
  • Synonymous with Security: When it comes to protecting lives and valuables, ABUS provides security solutions that help you feel safe and secure; We've been innovating security technology since 1924

ABUS is a very popular name in the lock industry. They’ve been in the market since 1924, which says a lot about their reliability. The long shackle padlock certainly lives up to the expectation. It features a closed shackle made from hardened steel with a coating of black Granit.

The material ensures extreme security from pry attacks. It’s a keyed-alike lock that comes with two keys, one with an LED light on it. You can keep one key as a backup in case you lose your primary key. However, it’s not safe to use a lock if you’ve lost a key. 

You’ll find most users saying they’re still satisfied with the structure even after using this lock for years. As long as it fits your hasp, nothing can go wrong with this Abus granit padlock.   


  • Combination of Material: This high-security padlock combines Brass, Alloy Steel, and Aluminum. The shackle is created with hardened steel that comes with a corrosion-resistant cover. 
  • Two Keys: The package includes one lock and two keys, keyed-alike. One comes with an anti-duplication card and an LED light. 
  • Robust Structure: Like all other locks from ABUS, this one also comes with highly sturdy construction that protects your life and belongings from unwanted attacks. It’s tough to cut through this lock even with the strongest tools. 
  • Tensile Resistance: The lock comes with a tensile resistance of 6 tons. If the shackle can bear a weight equal to 6 tons, you can imagine how difficult it’ll be to break this lock. 


  • Perfect for situations where a high level of security is needed
  • Made using durable material like a hardened steel alloy 
  • Highly resistant to tools like bolt cutters


  • It does not fit all hasp sizes.

Brinks Commercial 2.5-Inch Boron Long Shackle Solid Steel Lock

BRINKS - 63.5mm Commercial Solid Steel Keyed Padlock - Solid Steel Body with Boron Steel Shackle
  • Lock body is constructed of solid steel.
  • Boron steel shackle provides over 17,000 lbs. of cut resistance.
  • Brass pin tumbler cylinder.
  • Ball bearing locking mechanism.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Brinks Commercial Lock, made with a boron shackle and solid steel body, resembles the American  Lock 700 model a lot. However, it’s comparatively cheaper. Both their body material is hardened steel, the shackle length and diameter is also the same. 

To prevent picking, the lock comes with a dual ball locking mechanism and a brass pin cylinder. The cylinder consists of 6 pins to help you get the highest security against lock picking. Check the lock’s shackle diameter before purchasing it for any particular door hasp. The diameter is 7/16 inches.  


  • Robust Material: A body of hardened steel and a shackle of boron makes the lock perfect for providing the highest safety to your valuables. 
  • Rekeyable: You won’t have to change any hardware if you wish to change your key. You can change the key using simple steps in case you want to. 
  • Pick Prevention: The lock features a 6 pin brass cylinder and a dual ball bearing mechanism so that you can get the best security against pry attacks and picking. 
  • Boron Shackle: Boron is solid and durable metal for lock shackles. This lock offers you 17,000 lbs of cut resistance due to its shackle.


  • Resists lock picking and help you secure your valuables
  • Rekeyable lock, no need for hardware changes
  • Can resist up to 17,000 lbs equivalent of a cut


  • The lock isn’t weatherproof

Sesamee K440 4 Dial Resettable Combination Brass Lonk Shackle Padlock

Sesamee K440 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock with 4-Inch Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Potential Combinations
  • Set-your-own 4-digit combination for convenience and security; 10,000 possible combinations which can be easily changed and set
  • Hardened steel - chrome plated shackle; Tough heel and toe lever locking system
  • 2 inch wide solid brass case for superior security and weatherability; All brass internal locking mechanism
  • Best used for job boxes and gang boxes, utility meters, substations, cable boxes, tool chests, boxes and cribs and lockers
  • Shackle clearance is 4 inches and there are 4 dials

Now, this lock isn’t for high-security areas or too many valuable belongings. But it works great for cable boxes, utility meters, gang boxes, lockers, cribs, etc. Its shackle is made from hardened steel. Other than that, the whole lock is made of brass. Both the 2-inch case and internal mechanism are made with brass. Master Lock 175DLH is somewhat similar to this lock but differs in shackle length. 

You’ll be able to set your combination using 4 dials. The dials are located at the bottom. 4 dials mean there’ll be 10,000 possibilities. So, unless someone is trying to cut it with some tool, it’s almost impossible to penetrate it.


  • Combination Lock: You get to set your 4-pin combination from 10,000 different combination possibilities. No need to carry a key around. 
  • Best For: Use this lock for your utility meter, lockers, gang boxes, cribs, cable boxes, etc. The shackle length is 4 inches, making it perfect for the places mentioned above.  
  • Material: This lock’s body and the internal mechanism is made of brass, whereas the shackle is made of hardened steel.  
  • User-Friendly: Even if you don’t have any experience regarding locks, you’ll be able to set the combination merely by following the instruction. The combination is also very easily resettable. 


  • Set your personalized combination using 4 dials located at the bottom
  • Hardened steel shackle coated with chrome and brass casing makes it more secure and weatherable 
  • Straightforward to use, set the combination, and reset the combination


  • Doesn’t come with a backup key. You’ll have to break the lock if you forget the combination.

Fu Volante Stainless Steel Padlock

Stainless Steel Padlock, 304 Marine Series, Anti Rust Lock, Waterproof Padlock for Outdoor use, 2 inch Wide Body, Long Shackle, Keyed Different - Stainless Steel Body & Shackle
  • The best place to use it on houseboat, ship, boat,etc.
  • Solid stainless steel body, stainless steel shackle, brass cylinder, brass keys
  • The product is highly durable and easy to use. Weatherproof padlock provides outdoor protection against moisture
  • HOW TO USE: Turn the key 180 degrees to pull the shackle to open, return 180 degrees to lock. Only at closing lock situation, the key can be removed from the lock
  • You will be receiving 1 padlock and 3 keys

As the name suggests, these locks from Fu Volante come with stainless steel shackles and bodies. The cylinder and the keys are made of brass, though. If you’re thinking about its best usage, we would recommend you using it outside. The primary purpose of this lock is to resist weather-related situations like rust and moisture. 

So, it will be the perfect choice for an outdoor barn, a boat, houseboat, ship, etc. There’ll be three keys along with the lock. You’ll have to insert the key, turn it 180 degrees to open the lock. The key will remain attached to the key. Once you turn the key 180 degrees in the opposite direction to close the lock, only then can you remove the key. 


  • Weatherproof Lock: This stainless steel lock from Fu Volante is specifically made as an outdoor padlock. It protects the lock from corrosion, rust, and moisture and keeps your valuables protected.  
  • Three Keys: Unlike most other locks that come with one or two keys, this one comes with three keys. You can easily lend someone your key, and because it’s a disc detainer padlock, you won’t worry about copying your key. 
  • Material: The lock body and the shackle is made of durable stainless steel, and the internal mechanism and the keys are made of brass. 
  • How to Use: You’ll have to insert one key, turn it 180 degrees and pull the shackle. The shackle does not jump out of its casing. The key will stay locked inside the lock unless you close the lock reversing the 180 degrees turn. 


  • Comes with 2 spare keys, allowing you to lend keys to other people
  • High-quality stainless steel makes this lock durable and weatherproof
  • You can use the lock on indoor and outdoor places as long as it fits the hasp


  • The locking and unlocking mechanism may seem bothersome to some user

Master Lock 175DLH 2-1/4 inches Combination Padlock 

Master Lock 175DLH Set Your Own Combination Padlock 2-1/4 in. Shackle Brass Finish
  • Indoor and outdoor lock is best used as a gate lock or shed lock for protection and security from theft; extra long shackle for application flexibility
  • Set your own four digit combination lock for easy combination recall; combination change tool included
  • Combo lock is constructed with a solid body for strength and weatherability, hardened steel shackle for cut resistance
  • 2 in. (51mm) wide lock body; 5 by 16 in. (8mm) diameter shackle with 2-1 by 4 in. (57mm) length, 1 in. (25mm) width
  • Shackle is preset to open on 0-0-0-0; see user manual for combination reset instructions

It’s evident by the name that it’s a combination padlock, much like our third lock on this list from Sesamee. This one from Master Lock is comparatively cheaper. 

Moving on to what the lock offers, the shackle length is 2-1/4 inches. That means you’re getting enough flexibility with this lock. Hardened steel is used for making the shackle to provide a high cut-resistant feature.

Primarily, the lock combination will be set to 0-0-0-0. You can use the user manual to set your own combination. Note that this lock does not come with a master key. So, if you forget the combination, you may have to break the lock.


  • Combination: Set a personalized combination of four digits to ensure maximum security from intruders and pry attacks. 
  • No Need of A Key: Forget carrying and keeping track of a key. This lock is easy to lock and open without needing any key. Multiple users can access the lock provided that you grant them your combination. Once the temporary necessity is over, you can simply change the combination. 
  •  High-Quality Materials: The lock is made from a combination of brass, steel, and hardened steel. The shackle features hardened steel for higher cut resistance. 


  • You won’t have to use a key to open the lock, just use your preset combination
  • Set your personalized combination using 4 digits situated at the bottom
  • High-quality materials will ensure that your lock keeps your valuables safe


  • If you use the locks outdoor, the digit gets hard to read over time

Types Of Padlocks

Padlocks are diverse in the category. It’s tough to differentiate them on various bases in one article. That is why we’ll stick to shackle for now. Based on shackle type, padlocks can be differentiated into 4 different categories. 

Closed Shackle Padlock

A closed shackle padlock means the lock’s shackle will be somehow protected. It makes the lock more difficult to break in by protecting it against bolt cutters and other lock picking tools. Most of the time, the body is extended to the lock’s shoulder to increase the shackle security. However, it also reduces the clearance. If the clearance area is reduced, you won’t be able to make the lock go through all kinds of holes. 

As for the security of the padlock, an insurance company will often demand that one uses a closed shackle padlock as a security measure. We recommend you go through the dimensions of a lock before you choose to go with one. 

Straight Shackle Padlock

As the name implies, a straight shackle padlock comes with a straight shackle. Instead of being curved upright, it goes straight from one shoulder to another. These locks provide strong security against pry attacks. However, lots of people are under the misconception that these locks are designed for a particular need. 

Nowadays, ship containers and warehouses needing strong security are using straight shackle padlocks. 

Round Shackle Padlock

It comes in a disc shape and is also known as a circular or discus padlock. It provides the same level of security a closed shackle padlock will provide. The shackle stays protected with metal casings, and the keyhole is situated in the front center. 

The lock is not spring-loaded, which means tempering with the keyhole and damaging it won’t open the lock. It’s one of the most common choices among users. 

Long Shackle Padlock 

Long shackle padlocks are easier to use because of their extended U-shaped shackle. You can almost use them in all circumference because they help you get a wide area between the shackle and the body. 

However, extending the shackle also means weakening the lock’s security power. The shackle will be more exposed to powerful tools like bolt cutters. 

What Are The Ideal Materials For High-Security Padlocks? 

Many materials are used in making padlock, even plastic too. But, that doesn’t mean that they offer high security. For a padlock to be high-security in nature, the following materials are most suitable. 

Solid steel/ hardened steel: It’s a strong and robust cut-resistant material that is also very durable. Hardened steel padlocks are usually used in areas that need higher security. These locks are often plated with zinc or chrome that helps resist corrosion.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is very durable when it comes to locks. These locks are even better than solid steel when it comes to providing security against pry attacks. 

Titanium: One of the most durable metals for a padlock is Titanium. It’s also lightweight and resists corrosion. It’s lighter than both stainless steel and hardened steel. Where extremely high security must be ensured, titanium locks are used. 

Boron: Boron is an expensive material but provides higher security than most other materials. If a lock’s shackle is made of boron alloy, it’ll be more resistant to cut. 

Combination Padlocks Vs Long Shackle Padlock – Which Is Better?

Combination padlocks and long shackle padlocks have their own advantages and disadvantages. A combination lock will open by a specific combination of numbers determined by its user when setting it. It removes the necessity of carrying a key. It also allows multiple people to access the lock only by knowing the combination. These are the benefits. 

On the negative side, you’ll be locked out when you forget the combination. Then you’ll need a backup key if the lock comes with it. So, you’ll be needing a key after all. Besides, it’s easy to access by anyone who knows the combination. If someone keeps track of your movement, it’ll be effortless for them to access the lock. Besides, if you write the combination anywhere, anyone can find and misuse it. 

Long shackle locks are easy to use. And when they’re made with strong metals, they can provide you with a decent amount of security. On the downside, you’ll need to keep track of a key. Besides, the longer the shackle, the more vulnerable it becomes to strong cutting tools like bolt cutters. 


What is shackle length on a padlock?

A padlock’s shackle length is calculated from the lock body’s top to the shackle’s inside. The measurement can vary from lock to lock. 

Is a combination or key lock better?

When you look for easy access, a combination lock is better. However, in terms of security and safety, a keyed lock is better. It depends on your preference which features you want to go for. 

What is an open shackle padlock?

An open shackle padlock is mostly known as a standard padlock. The shackle is exposed, which makes it more vulnerable to unwanted attacks with different tools. 

Which keys cannot be duplicated?

Technically, there isn’t any key that can’t be duplicated. But some keys are illegal to duplicate. For example, the post office box key and the keys marked ‘US property’ are illegal to copy. 

Which Padlock is the Hardest to Cut?

Locks that feature hardened steel shrouded shackles are the hardest to cut. If you’re searching for extreme security, go for a shrouded shackle made of hardened steel. 

Final Words

Not all locks are made for all kinds of safety. Some will grant you better weather resistance, and some will be extremely strong against powerful lock-cutting tools. You’ll have to select your locks depending on what you’re going to guard with it.

If you want a solid lock to protect the most valuable things, including your life, the overall best on our list, ABUS 37/55, won’t disappoint you. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper lock with ease of use, you can go for the Sesamee Combination Lock. You won’t need any key, and it’s easy to use. For any light to medium-security, it’s the best one to go for. 

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