Want To Be A Locksmith? Here Are The 5 Best Lock Picking Tools!

What is the purpose of a lock? We don’t know one person who wouldn’t be able to say that locks were meant to ensure our homes’ security. Why on earth would you want to know how to make it less secure or want others to know how to pick your lock? 

Contrary to your thinking, lockpicking exactly isn’t an illegal business. And teaching others how to pick a lock using the best lock picking tools or learning it for future use of yourself has a lot of potential benefits. But here’s a condition: the lock in question should be of someone who has allowed and trusted you to pick the lock.

Locksport 13-Port Practice Station with Full Set of 13 Practice Locks

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Top 5 Product Reviews on the Best Lock Picking Tools

To start a locksmith career, first of all, you need to pick the lock picking tools. This guide lets you find the best one.

Let’s start!

Amlgbed 17 Pcs Lock Pick Set (Best All-Around)

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How do lock picking tools available in more than one color make you feel/ We hardly know of lock tools that have color choices on them? It is basically just bought and go for us. But wouldn’t you be happier if we told you that a brilliant lock pick set comes with more than one color to pick from? Such is the case here. With available versatility and 17 different tools, here’s a kit that beginner locksmiths love!

The construction of this tool kit is mostly stainless steel. The meaning is mostly because you will not find stainless steel on the handles of the rakes and wrenches, but you will definitely feel its usage in the metallic parts of the tools. Sharp, durable, and effective!

Other than having 17 different tools that include snake rakes, hooks, and L-wrenches, it comes with ergonomic designs on the handles of the tools that allow you to use them without these slipping from your hands. It also comes with two locks that can help you practice your skills as you go.


  • Can be a great gift for a locksmith friend or family.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting built.
  • Can be locked from both inside and outside of your house.
  • Has three keys to help you in the practice sessions in case you get stuck.


  • Has issues with color matching in individual tools.

Amlgbed 24 Pcs Lock Pick Set (Best Budget)

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Of all the things that can make or break the choice of a lock picking tool kit, one major one is the carrying case. The carrying case may not be something that most users pay attention to. But do you know what happens when you focus on only your lock picking tools and not the carrying case? All your beautiful tools go to waste due to bad maintenance and keeping. So what can we do when we find a beautiful and handy set that comes with a compact case? We buy it!

Since the set comes with 24 pieces, it is more advanced than the previous options and has kinds of picks and rakes, even more wrenches than the first option we showed you. But that only increases its functionality. The hardware has excellent design, stainless steel construction, and includes a lock and key for you to practice your way into lockpicking!


  • Are functional and looks nice.
  • Great chrome finish.
  • Made to last long.


  • Screw heads sometimes come damaged.

Multitool Set Stainless Steel, Training Kit, Multifunctional use

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As we know already, one of the major materials that go into building tool kits and lock picking tools in them is stainless steel. But there are several different types and grades of this steel, not all of which can be trusted. In this case, you need to make your purchase from a brand that has an established reputation for providing you with quality material that lasts long and is sturdy in build. One such manufacturer is T&A. Their multitool set has multifunctional abilities and can perform well thanks to the premium quality stainless steel construction they have.

This does not rust easily and makes sure that you can do your job without having to buy one soon!

We know that since you are here, you are someone who is starting out the locksmith business. Hence you need tools that are professional in construction and quality, but a beginner is the number of tools and their utility. With the combination of these two, this is one of our bests!


  • Comes with a lock and two keys to help you practice.
  • Includes seventeen tools guaranteed for good performance.
  • Built well.


  • Cable connectors were not up to the standard.

Amlgbed 15 Pcs Lock Pick Set

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One of the most basic tool kits on our list today is a set that comes with a varied combination of 15 pieces. We have already discussed the specialty of this brand with you, so let’s not make things redundant. Back to where we are, for beginner locksmiths that are just starting their way into the business, it is essential that they have tools that can deliver well and do not confuse them out.

If you are someone like that looking for a set that will perform well, you can take this one. Of the available tools on the set, there are different types of snake and bogota rakes, with a snowman, half-diamond, arched, and semi-arched hooks. It also comes with L and Z tension wrenches that are useful for picking the locks. And to help you practice with the set, it comes with a lock and keys, so no getting stuck midway!


  • Easy to use and work with.
  • Comes with a lock and key to help you out when you get stuck.
  • Allows you to reset and set pins with the feeler picks.
  • Excellent construction.
  • Ergonomic handle and design.


  • Come with fewer tools for a professional user.

GRUSEMI 15 PCS Stainless Steel Pick Set

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The last one on the list today is this one from Smeftelly. Do you know what made us include it in the list today? The beautiful user’s guide that comes along with it. Often, beginner locksmiths like you and me need help in using the tools no matter how many guides and reviews we read online. We read guides on how to use them and tend to forget when it is time. In such cases, a guide that comes with the set is very handy.

In this guide, the way of using each tool with the right lock is mentioned. If you use this guide, you will get an idea of what each tool is significantly called, what it is made of, what it should be used on, the using technique of the tool, and overall, how to maintain it. The best thing about the set is the premium construction that doesn’t cause the tools to form rust, so you can enjoy its utility for ages!


  • Convenient ergonomic handle.
  • Stainless steel build that doesn’t rust.
  • Can be a gift to hobbyist lock picker friends and family.


  • The tension wrenches need an upgrade.

The Necessity of Lock Picking Tools

In case you get locked out of your house or your car, have you imagined the consequences you may have to face? You could be running late for the office, you may have kids inside the house who are sleeping, you may have kids inside the car who are fast asleep and will never be able to unlock themselves on their own.

In situations like this, you wouldn’t even question the necessity of these lock picking tools. Only if you had learned how to pick simple locks and how to use the tools such that they can be manipulated enough to free you from your woe you would be the happiest. Hence the necessity of the best lock picking kits lies in their versatility, usefulness, and saving time when it is most needed.

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How to Become a Locksmith or Hobbyist Lockpicker

In order to become a locksmith, you need to first improve your area of knowledge on this matter. For that, here’s our detailed and segmented guide on things related to locksmith work:

Lock components:

Picking a lock requires you to first understand what makes the lock that you’ll be exploiting soon. So here goes:


This is the house inside the lock that encompasses every other component. It wraps around the rest of the parts inside the lock and is the portion of the lock you slide into the doors. You’ll hear other locksmiths refer to it as a shell or house, or even the body of the lock. Remember, the size of the cylinder limits the maximum size of the shear line.


This is the house inside the house (i.e., cylinder) that can rotate freely. When you put a key into the lock, it enters the plug. Behind the plug is a tailpiece. When you enter the key and rotate the lock, it retracts the latches, and the door opens! The lower limit of the shear line’s size is determined by this plug.

Shear Line

The gap that covers the area between the plug and the housing of the lock is called the shear line. As we said, the upper and lower limits of these lines are predetermined by the plug’s size and the cylinder themselves. If foreign objects enter your lock somehow, or it decides not to rotate, it actually means that the shear line has faced some hurdle, and the plug and cylinder are closed such that they will not turn.

Only when the shear line is free and not obstructed it will turn. This is the same two cases of having locked a door, forgetting a key, and trying to turn, but the lock not turning; and secondly, entering a key and turning the plug to open the door!


We will teach you about two kinds of pins here. Key pins and driver pins.

If you can visualize a key, you will see that there are different highs and lows on the key. These variations are the result of the different cuts of pins inside the lock. The keys are based on these cuts of key pins. On the other hand, driver pins are obstructions that protect the key pins from reading anything and themselves cover the shear line.


One of the most important helpers is the springs. These are what keep your home safe from sudden intrusion. These are responsible for obstructing the path of the shear line using the driver pins. They hold the shear line down when nobody is inserting any kind of key into the lock. But once you push a key into the lock, the same springs act to make the key pins fall in the right cuts of the key and read the key such that it can unlock the door. If there were no springs, you would have to forget the idea of inserting any key and break the lock, as there will be no remaining way of inserting a key into that lock.

There are other things that locksmiths also need to know. They are:

Understanding Tensioning

As we will be discussing in detail the tools soon, you will need something called a tension wrench in your path to becoming a successful locksmith. To properly use that, you have to understand and create tension using the wrench, such that you create binding pins along the way.

You will be inserting this wrench into the bottom of the lock and applying pressure/tension/force, just as much as you do in pressing keyboard buttons. This pressure applied clockwise will help you hold the driver pins above the shear line as you continue to do the rest of the trick. You can now use your picks to lift the pins and set them via plug rotations (done by your wrench). As you reach the end of the lock, you will have no obstructions left on the shear line, and you can open the door!

Raking Explained

In this process, you will be using your wrench like before, but you will have to use rakes of different shapes and sizes to help you. After inserting the wrench, your rake will go all the way to the end of the lock’s cylinder and push up to hold the pins. You can use picks to hold up the pins like before. But where it differs from the previous process is that you can rub the rakes along the pathway and create a continuous motion until you hear the click of unlocking. You may have to set and reset more than once to pick the lock.

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How can You Start a Locksmith Business?

In order to start your locksmith business, you will need two basic things, knowledge and ability, that will be created from your experience and practice. We have already taught you the basic knowledge and information you need to know about lockpicking, now onto the best locksmith tools that can help you achieve the best business:


There are several kinds of hooks that you will find on the tools. They can be carved out into a blunted half-moon shape or be straight and sharp as hell. The type of hook you own and the size of it will heavily depend on the lock you are willing to unlock.


Of the kinds that are available in the toolsets, the most basic one is the long picking rake. This is what you rub back and forth along the keyhole in order to unlock the lock in question. You can pick anything from long rakes to snake rakes or bogota rakes, depending on what lock is in hand.


There are different kinds of wrenches that adorn the lock picking sets. These include Allen wrench type L-wrenches, Y wrenches, and so on. You’ll find them mostly made of metal with ergonomic handles to help you while picking the lock. All basic kits have the L-shaped one.

Feeler Picks

These are picks that help you feel the pins inside the lock. This helps you assess what’s on the inside so that you can use rakes of your choice to begin picking. You can use the feeler picks in your pin setting process, and they can prove to be faster than rakes in clearing out the shear line obstruction.

Customizable locks

Some kits come with basic locks, but more advanced tool kits come with customizable locks with different pins. You can remove and exchange the pins for creating harder pathways for you. These removable pins are a great way to practice if you want to be a professional locksmith. 

Auto Jigglers

Most tool kits do not come with one of these, but more advanced ones may have auto jigglers to help you unlock car locks. These are like master keys, but for cars. One thing though, these jigglers won’t work if you have modern cars that don’t require keys but sensors to operate. But if your car is an older version that needs keys to open, and you’re locked out, you have a chance with these auto jigglers.


Perks of Having a Locksmith Business

The perks of having a locksmith business include:

  1. Helping out people in need: We know how locks keep people, their loved ones, and their possessions safe. But what if this safety becomes harmful for them, and they can’t reach out to their loved ones or possessions during emergencies. In those cases, locksmiths can come in immense help, helping people in need.
  2. For older parents and smaller kids: We often hear stories of not being able to reach out to older parents or grandparents in time because they were locked in their rooms, and till help comes, it sometimes is too late. To save our own family be it kids or adults who are locked in their rooms and need immediate assistance, lock picking is a thing to know.
  3. A cool and handy skill to know: To impress friends and family, this can come off as an interesting hobby that is also of great use during emergencies!
  4. Career Path: As obvious as it is, it can be a great career path that satisfies your passion for unlocking the trickiest of locks and making money from it, too, as a legal profession!

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Buying Guide on the Best Locksmith Tools

For the best lockpicking tools, here is our best guide:


When you are starting out as a locksmith, you do not need a lot of things in your lock picking kit. Again, there are some things that are considered necessary and basic for lockpicking. The inclusion of tools in your lock that is useful and the exclusion of what is extra is something that you should keep in mind when going to make a purchase.


Whether it is stainless steel you are after or some form of alloy that comes off as cheaper or maybe more expensive than your tools, the material is extremely important. We don’t want anything brittle, and we definitely don’t want anything that will get stuck inside the lock that we are willing to pick, as if we don’t have enough headache already!


You will definitely not be buying lock picking tools time and again. The one kit that you buy should last you a couple of seasons and years, depending on how frequently you use them or how less you use them. If you will be using them constantly for practicing before you start your business, your lock picking kit needs to be durable and well made.

Number of tools

As said already, you need to pay attention to the inclusion of the tool kit. Do not be baffled seeing a kit having 30 tools and coming off as cheap on your budget versus a 15 tool kit that is slightly more expensive than your budget. For all you know, the little expensive one may have better tools, although less in number.


Whether your tool is from the collection of the best homemade lock picking tools or the store-made ones, the thing that you need to ensure from the kit is security. Be certain that the tools inside the bag are sharp where needed and blunt where needed, comes with a carrying case, and are bought from registered manufacturers.

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Final Words

We hope you’re now clear on the best lock picking tools and everything a basic locksmith should know! Although it is hard to cover every nook and cranny of the locksmith world into one single article, we tried our best to let you know what is most important.

Hopefully, it will help you get started with the practice and soon-to-be business!

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