5 Best Hidden Shackle Padlock To Protect Your Valuables

Hidden shackle padlocks are amazing tools for ensuring the best surveillance of your place. They are rather simple in mechanism but provide the maximum safety that you can ask for. You need a quality lock in this day and age where burglars are increasing alarmingly.

The compact design, along with superior security, makes them the most appropriate locks for modern houses. It’s also quite simple to use, and you don’t risk running out of power or any technical difficulties with this padlock.

To help you pick the best-hidden shackle padlock, let’s check out 5 of our top picks, along with guides that’ll make the process a lot easier.

Best Overall: Master Lock M736XKAD Magnum Hidden Shackle Padlock 

All the premium specs and security features make this Master Lock one of the most balanced locks you can find out there. The Alloy Steel, Zinc construction along with maximum pick resistance makes it the best overall hidden shackle padlock to get.

Maximum Security: Master Lock 770-6271KA-2 Hidden Shackle Padlocks 

With premium materials and brilliant beefy construction, this model of the most renowned brand Master Lock is one of the best-hidden shackle padlocks for unbeatable security.

Best Features: American Lock A2010NKA-1 Hidden Shackle Padlock 

This American padlock is packed with features, and the BumpStop technology used in it gives you maximum surveillance. Definitely a lock for people that want better compatibility and features.

Best Value for Money: NU-SET 5373-3 Hidden Shackle Padlock  

This one by NU-SET comes with all the important features and fits your tight budget, making it the best deal for your money.

Most Convenient: WAR-LOK PKL-10-S Hidden Shackle Padlock 

Unlike most other beefy and heavyweight padlocks on the list, the PKL-10-S hidden shackle padlock by WAR-LOK secures your place while providing you with ease of use and simple installation.

Best Hidden Shackle Padlock To Protect Your Live & Valuables

Down below, we’ll review 5 of the hidden shackle padlocks that you can find on the market.

Master Lock M736XKAD Magnum Hidden Shackle Padlock

Master Lock M736XKAD Magnum Heavy Duty Solid Steel Hidden Shackle Padlock with Key, High Security Hasp
  • Indoor and outdoor padlock with key; lock and hasp is best used for moving trucks, vans, and buildings with sliding doors
  • Key lock is made of zinc plated solid steel for maximum strength, reliability and corrosion resistance, hidden shackle design eliminates shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks
  • Five-pin cylinder provides maximum pick resistance while key retaining safeguard ensures padlock is not left unlocked
  • Hasp Length is 9-1/16 in. (23 cm), Lock body diameter is 2-7/8 in. (73 mm), 3/8 in. carriage bolts recommended for installation (bolts not included)
  • Includes one padlock and hasp, two keys

Master lock is undoubtedly the most renowned brand that produces some of the best-hidden shackle padlocks available on the market. This model is their best-selling lock, and it’s the most well-rounded lock you can find out there. 

The zinc-plated solid steel, along with a compact design, makes this lock incredibly sturdy as there is no risk of breaking it open whatsoever as it’s wear and tear-resistant. The keyhole is well hidden on the side, making it impossible for the burglar to mess with it.

In addition to that, it features a five-pin cylinder mechanism, giving your unbeatable protection against picking. Also, unlike most other locks that you find out there, it’s very easy to install as well. And with the 2 keys provided with the package, it is set for using this lock instantly. 

You are getting all that in this amazing master lock hidden shackle padlock. Mardili has a similar trailer puck type lock available in the market that’s cheaper. But it doesn’t give you maximum security and convenience for daily usage. So, if you don’t want to think a lot about choosing a hidden shackle padlock, then this is the best pick for you without any doubt.

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Construction: Alloy Steel, Zinc construction for heavy-duty security without compromising the compact design 
  • Pick Resistance: The five-pin cylinder mechanism makes this lock amazingly pick resistant


  • Premium build guarantees the best surveillance 
  • Has great lock features for better convenience 
  • Very easy to install, even by yourself


  • Hardware (Bolts) not included in the package 

Master Lock 770-6271KA-2 Hidden Shackle Padlocks

Master Lock Hasp/Hidden Shackle Keyed Alike Padlocks 770-6271KA-2
  • This listing is for two (2) high security hasps and two (2) keyed alike hidden shackle padlocks. You will receive 4 keys with your order. This tough, shrouded lock/hasp combination is ideal for vans, trucks, gates, and vending machines. A similar listing is also available with the BumpStop Technology. Search 770-6271NKA in Amazons search window.
  • ATTENTION: If you order two 2-packs they will NOT necessarily be keyed the same. To ensure you get two 2-packs keyed alike, you must order the 4-pack.
  • These high security Pro Series padlocks feature a "Bolt Cutter Tough", fully shielded hardened steel shackle that has pry resistant features and is virtually impossible to cut.
  • DIMENSIONS: Lock - (see image) - A) 3/8 (10mm), B) 19/32 (15mm), C) 1-23/32 (44mm) Width 2-7/8 (73mm). Hasp measure 4-1/2 Wide X 9in Long.
  • Lock: Hardened diecast zinc is strong, durable and resists corrosion. 6-pin cylinder for maximum pick resistance - Removable cylinder for replacement or repinning. HASP: Solid steel powder coated construction. To install: Use hasp as mounting template. A 1/4" gap is recommended for most applications.

Next up, we have another masterpiece by the brand Master Lock. Everything about this lock is premium, from the build to the features. And this is the best one that you can get for maximum security without any doubt.

This padlock is heavily built with premium quality Alloy Steel, Zinc materials. In terms of sturdiness, it gets a complete 10 out of 10. It’s even more secure than the ever so renowned CCL Security 93006, which is their best-selling lock. Actually, the Master lock hidden shackle padlock hasp comes with a 6-pin cylinder mechanism, which is an improvement compared to the other model as well. That actually means better pick resistance.

One of the most remarkable features of this beefy hasp lock is its Bolt Cutter Tough feature. That makes it impossible to pry open or use a bolt cutter to cut through the lock, further strengthening the whole mechanism. As an alternative, the Steel Puck Lock produced by QWORK might be appealing. But it’s not the best for versatile use.

Besides all the heavy-duty security features, the Master Lock model is actually very easy to install and use. And even it might seem a bit pricey; you’ll get the best convenience from this amazing hidden shackle padlock for sure.

Key Features

  • Sturdy Build Quality: Built with super solid and premium Alloy Steel, Zinc that makes it impossible to break open.
  • Maximum Pick Resistant: The 6-pin cylinder mechanism is currently the best in the market for incredible pick resistance.


  • Mesmerizing build ensures maximum sturdiness and security 
  • The Polished finish gives a premium look and feels to it
  • Pretty easy to install this lock 


  • A bit pricey compared to other options available out there

American Lock A2010NKA-1 Hidden Shackle Padlock

Master Lock American (1) Keyed Alike Solid Steel, High Security, Hidden Shackle Padlocks, w/Bumpstop Technology A2010NKA-1
  • One (1) elite, high security 6-pin cylinder ProSeries Padlock designed for Commercial/Industrial applications. Comes w/ 2 total keys.
  • If you order two 1-packs or any multiple of this lock we will automatically key them all the same.
  • American Lock is owned by Master Lock so you can expect the same high quality. BumpStop Advanced Cylinder Technology. (see explanation in the description below).
  • BOLT CUTTER TOUGH - fully shielded hardened steel shackle offers impossible to cut and pry resistance features. American Lock’s solid steel, heavy-duty, hidden shackle padlocks are the toughest padlocks of their type ever offered to those who are serious about security. Removable cylinders for replacement or repinning.
  • The 2-7/8" wide A2010 features a "flat back" that is tapped and threaded to allow for attachment to either high security hasp A801 or A802.

If you are searching for the best lock features in your hidden shackle padlock, then you are going to love this one. It has all the advanced features ensuring maximum security along with impressive convenience.

This lock has the same build quality as other top-notch Master lock models. Not only that, it has a 6 pin design, making it even better at pick resistance. However, this heavy-duty padlock is built with top-class steel materials, which provides exceptional sturdiness and security. And even, the steel construction can make the lock prone to rust, which is not that great in the long term. Yet, it has some impressive features that make it one of the most secured hidden shackles padlock out there.

It features pry resistance, BumpStop advanced cylinder technology, and bolt tough cutter technology. All these features make this lock impossible to break open. And the cylinder is removable as well. So, if you lose any key or someone steals it, you can simply rekey it. This is cheaper than having to buy a new one without any doubt, and you can save some money that way. 

Key Features

  • BumpStop Advanced Cylinder Technology: It’s an advanced 6-pin cylinder lock technology that provides further security against picking.
  • Material: The lock is made with steel, which gives unbeatable sturdiness while looking amazing.


  • Beefy build allows for extra security 
  • 6 pin design makes it impossible to pick
  • Loaded with features like pry resistance, bolt cutter tough, etc


  • Not that weatherproof as it’s all-steel in the outer body

NU-SET 5373-3 Hidden Shackle Padlock

NU-SET 2-7/8 Inch Heavy Duty Solid Steel Hockey Puck Padlock with Hardened Reinforced shackle for superior cut resistance.Hidden Shackle Design resists pulling and prying, Chrome Finish, 5373-3
  • HEAVY DUTY PADLOCK: With a 2-7/8' wide solid steel case our high security padlock withstands forcible attacks
  • PADLOCK WITH KEY: Hidden steel shackle on our padlocks keyed alike helps protect against priers and bolt cutters
  • WEATHERPROOF PADLOCK: Chrome rustproofing provides longer life with our commercial padlock
  • LOCK WITH KEY: 6 Pin tumbler cylinder for added pick resistance | Removable solid brass cylinder
  • HOCKEY PUCK LOCK DIMENSIONS: 2.88 x 2.88 x 1.25 inches | 2.14 lbs

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great quality product. The NU-SET hidden shackle padlock hasp is one of the best examples of that. It has all the amazing specs and features, yet, it is very affordable. 

NU-SET has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best locks across the market. This padlock takes it to a whole new level with the build and features. Unlike the other models of NU-SET, it’s super easy to install. Once you get in place, you are ready to use it instantly without further hassle. However, the keys are not as sturdy as the lock itself. 

Built with top-notch Alloy Steel and Brass materials, this lock knows how to keep unwanted individuals from breaking in. That, along with the 6 pin cylinder design, ensures the best possible pick resistance. The chrome rustproofing ensures better longevity for this lock. It prevents any type of rust buildup, which was a drawback for our previous lock by Master Lock. RST-903 is a cost-efficient lock that you can find in a similar price range.

But that’s not secure as the NU-SET lock. Overall, it’s undoubtedly the best value for your money, and you’ll love this wonderful padlock.

Key Features

  • Material Used: Top class Alloy Steel and Brass construction give you the best possible performance with this wonderful lock.
  • Impossible to break open: Maximum pick resistance with 6 pin design allows for maximum pick resistance and protects from brute force attacks.


  • Premium build quality ensures better security 
  • Super easy to install 
  • Heavy-duty lock at an affordable price


  • The keys don’t live up to the sturdiness of the lock itself

WAR-LOK PKL-10-S Hidden Shackle Padlock

Hidden Shackle Padlock
  • Puck completely covers WAR-LOK hasp, making it impossible to cut
  • Best used for trucks, vans, gates, vending, industrial, storefront and business gates, and even trailer hitches
  • Uses rotating disk lock technology; this isn't your average lock.
  • Lost keys can be replaced, if registered with manufacturer. Number listed on key tag needed.
  • For key alike option, view our 2 Pack Puck Lock product.

WAR-LOK has some of the best ranges of hidden shackle padlocks in the market. All of them are super high-quality locks and ensure uncompromised surveillance. The PKL-10-S model, however, takes it to a whole new level. It’s undoubtedly their best one, and this is the one you should get if you want security without compromising the convenience of use.

Good to hear, this lock with hasp uses metal as the main material, which provides incredible security. It’s completely resistant to brute force attacks such as hammers slams. This lock is also resistant to cutters, drills, or saws, which makes it perfect for vans, cars, or doors that need better security.

One of the unique features that set this lock apart from the rest is the rotating disk lock technology. It’s brilliant in every way and maximizes the level of security. Also, the puck fully covers the hasp, making it impossible to mess with it. So, there is no place left to crack the keyhole and get access. Polarpra, a well-renowned manufacturer, produces locks that are at the same price point, but they lack the advanced technologies of this model by WAR-LOK.

Overall, it goes to show the excellence of WAR-LOK locks, and it’s a recommended one for you. Give it a try, and you’ll fall in love with this best-hidden shackle padlock in no time.

Key Features

  • Rotating disk lock technology: Currently, not a lot of locks use this brilliant mechanism that safeguards your place beyond something a normal lock would do. 
  • Hidden Hasp: The puck covers up the hasp of the lock


  • Beefy metal construction provides uncompromised security 
  • Complete protection against brute force attacks
  • Superior weather resistance; perfect for both indoor and outdoor


  • PH-10 door hasp is sold separately for better security 

What is a Hidden Shackle Padlock?

Hidden shackle padlocks are wonderful for safeguarding vans, cars, houses; you name it. These work especially well, thanks to the minimalistic approach to the whole thing. Typically, it is built with solid materials, and in most cases, is wear and tear-resistant. If you pick a good one, it’s going to be pick-resistant as well.

The best thing, it’s very convenient to use. It operates with keys, and as it’s hidden, you will find the keyholes somewhere in the sides. That leaves very little space for burglars to break it, making it very secure.

Also, thanks to the minimalistic design, they are very easy to install. You can simply place them on the door and get the screw the bolts properly. That will give a great seal, and it provides exceptional surveillance. Unlike most other locks, you won’t have to spend hours to get it in place working. And the best part is, you’ll be able to install it in minutes all by yourself, which saves you money as well. A hidden shackle padlock is undoubtedly a perfect choice for vans, safe cars, and even any indoor or outdoor place that you can think of.

Why Do You Need A Hidden Shackle Padlock

Usually, a hidden shackle padlock and a disc padlock give perfect security without being overly complicated to use or a bulky design. That unique design is perfect for vans, cars, trucks, or even houses. You can use them both outdoors and indoors.

The great thing about this lock is the level of surveillance it provides. Thanks to its multi-pin cylinder mechanism, it’s impossible to pick. And it’s typically built very well with high-quality materials, which gives it the advantage of preventing any type of wear and tear. Also, it’s weatherproof as well, making it a perfect lock for outdoors.

Unlike any other type of lock, a hidden shackle padlock is simple to use. The installation takes minutes, and you can do it all by yourself without any issue. That saves you time, energy, and money. Not to mention, the keyed design allows you to get access in moments of notice. 

Most other locks you find out there are super expensive, and it’s hard to find one that lives up to its price tag. However, with a hidden shackle, you don’t have to spend a lot to get maximum security. So, if you value uncompromised quality and the best security, this lock is just the perfect fit for you.

Can a Hidden Shackle Be Picked?

Thanks to the multiple-pin cylinder mechanism, a hidden shackle padlock can not be picked or broken into. That ensures maximum surveillance without spending a lot on other expensive locks. 

However, it’s recommended that you pick a good padlock in the first place. The best-hidden shackle padlock should have at least five or even six-pin cylinders, which will make it pick-resistant. So, it’s important that you get the right one to ensure the best security. As you saw, all of our top picks have 5 to 6 pin cylinder mechanisms. So, no need to worry about your hidden shackle being picked.

Can a Hidden Shackle Padlock Be Rekeyed? 

Using professional tools, a hidden shackle padlock can be rekeyed easily. Of course, it’s not the best way to deal with a lock if you’ve lost your keys or someone stole one. You should always go and get a new one to ensure maximum security. And also, the rekeying process does mess up the interior a little bit, which might compromise the level of surveillance you get from the lock. That mostly depends on the locksmith, and this is the reason to give the job to someone who knows what they’re doing. 

That being said, the rekeying process of a hidden shackle is pretty simple. First of all, you’d need to get the cylinder clear and out of the body. For that, you are likely to find a screw somewhere on the back of the lock. Once you locate that, unscrew it, which will let you get the whole thing out of the lock with the key attached to it. 

Once you get it out, you need to get rid of the other part attached to the cylinder. You might need a hammer and a pin for that job, depending on the model of lock you’re dealing with. In most cases, you’ll find a tiny hole in the body. You need to put the pin there and hammer it until the parts detach from each other. That should get it ready, and you are now on the way to rekey the lock. Remember to put every part carefully, as you’ll need each of these to assemble the lock back in place. You don’t want to lose any nooks and crannies as it’ll make the lock completely useless.

Keeping that in mind, you need to work with the cylinder to rekey it. Here is where the professional rekey tools come in handy. Depending on the pins your lock has, you might need to replace multiple pins to complete the rekey process. Once done, simply reassemble the lock to use it once again.

Rekeyed VS Replacement; Which is Better

If you lose your keys or someone stole them, you should immediately take action and do something about it, whether it’s rekeying or going for a replacement. If you are concerned about the security of your lock, going for a replacement is always the best option for you. It’ll take out any risk of doubt of compromising safety, and it’ll guarantee that no one can break into the lock with stolen keys or through any faulty mechanism.

You see, when you rekey a lock, the mechanism has a chance of getting damaged. That’s especially the case if you get the job done from someone who doesn’t know how to properly rekey a lock. In most cases, you’ll be left with a lock that compromises the safety aspect, and it might get picked by burglars.

Going for a replacement, on the other hand, cancels out such risks. You are getting a brand new lock that will function at its best and will provide you with the best possible security features. However, the only drawback to getting a replacement is that you’d need to spend more money on it. Typically, local locksmiths charge less to rekey a lock than you’d have to pay for a brand new lock.

So, if you don’t want to compromise your safety to save up some money, then going for a replacement is the best way to go. But if you are on a tight and fight budget but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new lock, then rekeying your hidden shackle padlock will be good enough of a solution for you. 

To Wrap Up

Hidden shackles do a great job securing your place without any hassle like the smart padlocks. And as you went through our 5 picks and guides, it should be easy for you to pick the best-hidden shackle padlock for your setting.

If you want the best of everything, the Master Lock M736XKAD Magnum padlock is a perfect choice for you. But if you don’t want to compromise the quality for money, then you should go for the Master Lock 770-6271KA-2. And the NU-SET 5373-3 is undoubtedly the best option for you if you don’t want to break the bank for a hidden shackle padlock. 

Hopefully, this stuff will help you pick a perfect lock. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit extra to get a better lock as it’ll ensure better protection against burglary, which is super vital in this day and age. 

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