10 Best Bedroom Door Locks to Maximize Your Home Security

Your privacy is concerned with your bedroom space. When you live with other roommates or family, your bedroom must have a lock, or you’ll end up getting in awkward situations. A bedroom lock is always a better way to let people know that you don’t want to be disturbed right now and need your personal space. 

No matter why you want your bedroom door locked, it’s always wise to do your research. But then comes the question, which ones are the best bedroom door locks? To answer your query, we’ve rounded up a list.  

10 Best Bedroom Door Locks

Save yourself some time to evaluate every lock available out there and go through these 10 best bedroom door locks. Without any doubt, you will find what you have been looking for. 

Lawrence Cylindrical Bedroom Door Lock

Lawrence has dominated the door lock market since 1876. If you are looking for a universal good quality door lock that can be used on any door, you can easily rely on Lawrence. You can install it on any door almost effortlessly to enhance security. 

Round doorknobs can be hard to open if your hands are equipped or greasy. This lock features lever handles. Just push it downwards with either hand or elbow to quickly open the door without any hassle. You will be amazed to see how strong and durable this is. Rugged build quality ensures you excellent security for a long time. For a bedroom door lock, this might be just the lock you need. 


  • Easily used on any door with a simple installation process. 
  • Tough and durable build quality promises a long service.
  • A lever handlebar makes it easier for you to open and close the door.


  • The outside handle doesn’t have any purpose when you’re using a key. It can confuse some users.

Inox Hardware Commercial Lever Door Lock

This lock from Inox Hardware features a free-wheeling clutch lever mechanism. It means the outside lever will rotate freely when the door is locked. This mechanism makes the lock hard to pick from the outside. Besides, it makes the lock damage resistant. 

You can use it on any doors of your house or office. The versatility is something every user wants in a door lock. An attractive and robust design will enhance the security and beauty of your doors at the same time. You can easily install it on any door within the size.

The handles are not handed. You can use them for both right-handed doors and left-handed doors. Everything you need to install the lock is included with the package. 


  • The vandal free clutch design makes the lock damage resistant. 
  • Strong build quality ensures long durable life.
  • Easily installable on any door. 


  • Not universal in size, you may need to adjust the hole size on the door frame.

Lynn Hardware Heavy Duty Ever Bedroom Door Lock

This lock is ideal for home or industrial use. The cylindrical lever design is straightforward to open. You can easily open and close doors even if both of your hands are equipped. Easily lock the door with a push-button system. You can push a button from inside to lock or unlock the door. 

It can not be unlocked from outside without a key while locked by the button. Top-quality materials make the lock damage resistant and durable. The lock is non-handed, meaning that you can use it for both left-handed and right-handed doors without facing any inconvenience. 

An easy-to-use and robust lock that provides durable service is everything you can hope for. We certainly recommend this lock for enhancing your bedroom security. 


  • A high-quality door lock offers you long-term usage.
  • The Push-button system allows you to lock and unlock the door quickly.
  • A cylindrical lever handle is easy to maneuver. 


  • The backset isn’t adjustable and comes in precise sizing

Master Lock Keyed Entry Bedroom Door Lock

Even though Master Lock is an ideal lock for exterior entry doors, it can be used on other doors as well. You can lock or unlock this door by merely using the push button. Once locked, the door can not be opened from outside without a key. It provides you with decent security support. 

A cylindrical lock that features a clutch mechanism provides you with extra security. If it’s the security that’s on your priority list rather than mere privacy, Master Lock is the way to go. 

The lock is keyed and comes with commercial-grade lever handles. Comfortable and curved handles give you easy access to your door without experiencing any discomfort. A brushed-chrome outlook fulfills your aesthetics necessity too. 


  • Top-notch quality offers a smooth and durable lock life.
  • The push-button system is easy to lock and unlock.
  • A clutch system allows the outside lever to rotate while staying locked. It minimizes the chances of the lock being damaged by forced entry.


  • The instructions can be hard to follow.

Master Lock Door Lock

This one is a simple door handle without any lock. Lever design is easy to close and open. The chrome finish gives the handle an elegant look. It goes with any kind of door so that you can use it on the interior door for a smoother experience. 

The handle has a sturdy and robust structure. When you are looking for easy access to any door without any lock functions, it’s a perfect choice for you. By using the lever handle, you will get a few seconds before someone enters your room. Whenever someone pushes the lever downwards, you will know someone is entering your room. So if all you want is privacy, this might be just the door handle for you. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Use it on interior doors to improve look and performance.
  • The robust and sturdy structure ensures longevity.


  • Doesn’t come with a lock

Dynasty Hardware Bedroom Door Lock

This is a top-quality heavy duty door lock from dynasty hardware. A simple and elegant design goes with any door. You can use it at home, office, hotel, restaurant, etc. The interior lever features a push button that locks and unlocks the door. 

Any door featuring this lock can not be unlocked from outside without a key. Dynasty hardware has used high-quality materials to make this a durable and robust lock. Handles are lever-shaped for easy access.

One nice feature of this door lock is that you can use this for any type of door, starting from the bedroom door to commercial uses. You can fix this lock on both left-handed doors and right-handed doors. 


  • Push/turn-lock system is easier and more straightforward than other locks.
  • High-quality materials ensure better security for a long time.
  • Lever handles are easy to maneuver.


  • The installation procedure can be a bit difficult.

Knobwell Keyed Entry Bedroom Door Lock

If you are searching for a strong lock that’s eye-pleasing at the same time, then you can check this one out. The matte black finish will add a touch of sophistication to your doors. You can open the door with either hand as it comes with lever design handles. 

The installation process is relatively straightforward so that you can install this lock by yourself with just a toolset. It can be used on doors of both left and right-handed doors. A heavy-duty zinc alloy build will enhance the security of your home.

It’s a pack of two locks. One of them comes with a lever handle with a bolt-on on the inside and is keyed on the outside. The other is on both sides keyed lock. Both of them used together on one door will provide maximum security to any door. 


  • Easily install on any door. You don’t have to call professionals to set this one up.
  • Matte black finish enhances the look of your home.
  • Can be used on any door, left-handed or right.


  • The locks are for square plates only 

Berlin Modisch Entry Level Bedroom Door Lock

Berlin Modisch introduces a heavy-duty door lock with top-notch security. Compatible with both left and right-handed doors. Deadbolt and lever system handles add a modern touch to the door. Matte black color makes this lock more elegant. This door lock can be locked from the inside with a thumb-turn system. You have to use a key to unlock the door from outside. It’s an ideal lock for home, office, restaurant, hotel, etc.

A set of two locks, keyed alike, are combined in this pack. One of them comes with a lever handle, and another one is a directly keyed lock. If you are looking for something that offers both easy access and strong protection, Berlin Modisch is the one to go for. 


  • Matte black low profile design blends in perfectly with any door.
  • High-quality materials are used to make this lock. You can rely on its security without any doubt.
  • Unique thumb turn lock system makes it easy for you to lock-unlock the door from inside.


  • Only for square plates

Berlin Modisch Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock for Bedroom

Another magnificent lock from Berlin Modisch that features premium quality. Top-notch material build with satin nickel finish makes this lock a next-level product. The square-shaped door knobs will enhance the security as well as the beauty of your doors. You can effortlessly lock the door from the inside with a thumb turn system, which saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to use a key every time.

The lock can’t be unlocked from the outside without a key. This ‘bolt on the inside and keyed on the exterior’ feature ensures both security and ease of use. So you can install it on your bedroom door as well as on other doors that require strong security measures like commercial uses.  


  • A robust build and satin nickel finish give the lock a modern look.
  • Premium deadbolt used in this lock is reliable for strong security.
  • Thumb turn lock system saves you the hassle of using a key every time.


  • The satin nickel finish on the lock isn’t as satisfactory as you would expect

Kwikset Halifax Bedroom Door Lock

Kwikset is another trusted name when it comes to locks. This lock from Kwikset is more appropriate for exterior doors where you need strong security, but you can use it on your bedroom door too. 

You have to use a key to access the lock from the outside. But you can use a bolt to unlock it from the inside, so you don’t have to use the key every time you want to access the door. The levers are fully reversible. This means you use these knobs on both right and left-handed doors. 

Black square design provides a modern look to the lock. The outlook is structured to complement any interior design. A strong build, pleasing aesthetics, ease of access, durability make this lock a perfect choice for any door.  


  • Smart key security system compatible.
  • It can be installed on both left and right-handed doors.
  • Enhances the security of your doors along with enhancing beauty.


  • Can be challenging to install.

Why Do You Need Door Locks For The Bedroom?

Different people want their bedroom locked for different reasons. When you live with family, relatives, or friends, you need your privacy sometimes. That’s the primary reason why you should get a lock for your bedroom door. Everyone values the necessity of a private place.

The second reason is safety. You may have a strong lock on the entry door, but a bedroom door lock always provides an extra level of security. When you live alone in an apartment, bedroom door locks make you feel a little safer. 

Most of the time, we prefer our bedroom to be the safest for keeping the most valuable things like money or jewelry. A lock on your bedroom door can increase security. So whenever any outsider like a plumber or maid visits your house, you can keep the bedroom door locked as a measure of security. You can also make your bedroom a safe house in case of emergencies.

As you can see, there isn’t one good reason why you shouldn’t get a lock on your bedroom door.    

Types Of Bedroom Door Lock

The lock types are a vast area to be covered. There isn’t any particular specification about bedroom door locks. People tend to install all kinds of locks on their bedroom door. Some of them are briefly discussed below. 

Barrel Bolt

Barrel bolts feature a cylindrical lock system. A barrel bolt will have two parts. One will be installed on your door, and the other goes to the frame. It locks from the inside when you slide the door part into the frame part. 

Many people use two-barrel bolts on their doors for added security—one on top, another on the bottom. 

Chain Lock 

A chain lock gives you the advantage of slightly opening a door. This way, you can see who’s outside the door, but the door remains chained to the frame, so it’s not really open. It’s a good lock system when you want to avoid the hassle of a key. A lot of people prefer chain locks because they’re convenient and easily accessible by the user. Also, they offer a decent level of safety. 

Jack N’ Drill Chain Door Guard with Lock - 2 Pack Chain Lock Door Guard, Sturdy and Rust-Resistant Steel Chain Locks for Inside Door and Extra Front Door Lock, 100% Child Safe and Pet Friendly
  • ✅ Strengthened With Steel Jack N’ Drill Chain Door Guards with Lock are made of reinforced steel for maximum strength and long-term use. It will take a ton of force to break it open from the outside.
  • ✅ Child Safe And Pet Friendly Protect your family with an extra locking device for front and interior doors. Use it to baby-proof your space or for small pets to get in and out of the house safely.
  • ✅ Trouble-Free Installation Just measure, mark and fix! All you will need is a drill and a few minutes to spare. Our door chain locks come with screws and instructions for everyone’s convenience.
  • ✅ Secured Viewing Or Ventilation Take a peak but keep everyone’s safety in check. Open doors for viewing or for ventilation without any worries about your security.
  • ✅ Modern And Chic Chain Locks Protecting your home never goes out of style. Choose to fit your doors with additional locks in satin nickel, black, white, and polished brass finishes.

Lever handle lock

The most popular lock for a bedroom door is a lever handle lock. A cylindrical lock system installed inside the handle provides a good security backup. They are keyed locks. You can unlock them using your key and then pressing the lever downwards. Sometimes the handle and the lock come separately. 

Hall/Closet Lever Handle Lock Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish--Heavy Duty Door Lock Handle in Bronze for Passage Door,HTL01-ORB-1P
  • 【Reversible】 Fits both right handed and left
  • 【Multiple Usage】Designed to complement both conventional and modern style interior doors for commercial and residential applications
  • 【Size】Adjustable Backset:2-3/8 inch or 2-3/4 inch (60mm or 70mm); Fits doors thickness:1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch (35mm to 45mm)
  • 【Material】ZINC ALLOY; FINISH :Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • 【QUALITY GUARANTEE】Great quality and high security:Exceeds 200,000 circles,If you have any questions, please contact us freely,we will reply

Knob Locks 

Knob locks are always a popular choice for bedroom doors. It can be either one-sided or two-sided. One-sided knob locks can not be opened from the outside. One downside of it is they’re not very difficult to pick. It provides medium-level security, so it’s appropriate for doors inside your house instead of entry doors.

Electronic Door Knob Lock with Keypad and Key, MAXFREE Smart Keyless Entry Lock, Safe and Easy Installation for Home, Office, Hotel and Garage (No Bluetooth, Not Deadbolt)
  • 【Code or Key, You decide】: There are two ways to access: code and key, you can choose the way you like to enter. The MAXFREE door lock has 20 customizable user passwords, a 4-6 digit code and a code that can only be used once, making it ideal for short-term rental hosts and home improvement.
  • 【Safe and Reliable】: The user code has a code camouflage function, as long as 4-6 consecutive digits are the same as the code stored in the system, the authentication is passed. Avoid codes being leaked, provides peace of mind for you and your family.
  • 【Easy to Install and Use】: MAXFREE keyless entry door lock is suitable for most standard U.S. doors and fits both left and right hinged doors. It can be easily installed using a screwdriver for a few minutes.
  • 【Multi-function and Durable】: This keyless door lock is made of weatherproof stainless steel which can withstand a variety of extreme weather conditions.
  • 【365 days Customer Gurentee】:If you’re not satisfied, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll do the best and fast to solve your problems. Please purchase with confidence!


Padlocks are suitable when you want to keep your bedroom door locked from the outside. Padlocks are portable and appropriate as a travel accessory. Padlocks also have varieties depending on their lock opening mechanism. 

Smart Locks

Even though most people use smart locks for exterior doors because they provide good safety backup with easy access, some prefer them as their bedroom door locks. If you love to keep up with technological advancements, you should consider smart locks that feature different advanced facilities. You can connect your smartphone with these locks and get a full keyless experience.  

Best Ways To Secure Your Bedroom Door

You already know the basic ways to keep your bedroom door locked. There are other ways to secure your bedroom door. Remember that you should never use these methods if your bedroom door works as an emergency exit to the entire house. Or else in any case of emergency, everyone will get locked inside the house. If you only need privacy, you can try the following things to secure your bedroom door. 

 Keyless door lock

Keyless reinforcements are inward locking options for any interior doors. They don’t require much time to install and provide just the amount of security you need. Keyless locks are also very convenient to use. You only have to use one motion to lock or unlock them.

Also, they come in very handy if you think about home invasion. They’ll easily buy you some extra time if you want to hide. 

Security Bar

If you are impatient and looking for a quick and easy way to secure your door from the inside, a security bar is an ideal solution. You don’t have to install anything on your door, and the bar is easy to use too. 

You just place the bar under the door handle, and you are good to go. Security bars usually work great as secondary support on your front door security. But when you are using it for your bedroom door, you don’t need any extra lock with it.

Keypad Lock

If you want added security without the hassle of maintaining a key, keypad locks are a good option for bedroom doors. You can set a code and use it to open and close the door. When you want easy access to your bedroom, keypad locks can come in handy.     

How to open a locked door without a key

Door barricade

Door barricades can provide solid security against forced entry. They use the floor to withstand heavy forces from the outside. This is a good option when you want to make your bedroom a safe house. You need to drill a hole on the floor and place the barricade in place. It’s straightforward to install and convenient to use. 

However, if you don’t want heavy security and are looking for something only for privacy, we recommend you go for something other than a door barricade. 

Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob with Microban Antimicrobial Protection featuring SmartKey Security in Satin Nickel
  • Satin nickel Juno keyed entry door knob featuring SmartKey Security for exterior doors where keyed entry and extra security is needed
  • Door knob has universal handing, can be installed on both right handed and left handed doors
  • Kwikset mechanical door hardware comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • Featuring SmartKey Security, which protects against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds
  • Latch has adjustable backset 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" to fit all standard door preparations

What To Look For in Bedroom Door Locks

If you don’t know how to measure the best bedroom door lock, compare the following features and select a winner that excels in all these features. Not every lock will have the highest score in all fields. You need to set your priority list before you get started.


You don’t want to change the lock after a few days you buy it. Make sure the lock is durable enough to withstand enough time compared to the price. Because you will be using the lock on your bedroom door, you will frequently use the lock. If you get something that can’t stand frequent uses, there’s no point in buying.


Make sure the lock provides enough privacy. Most of the time, you get a bedroom lock because you want privacy. If a lock is easily accessible from the outside by other members in your house, it defeats the purpose. It’s better not to give anyone access to your bedroom door lock, so you have your personal space whenever you need it. 


If you are getting a lock because you want to augment your house’s security, go for a robust lock that fulfills the purpose. Privacy and security are two different things. You don’t need an extensive locking system if it’s only for privacy. Security, on the other, requires expanded strength to ensure that no one forcefully enters the room. 

It depends solely on your desire. Do you only want privacy, or do you want security? Using a strong lock can also prevent stealing. Especially when you are not home. 

locksmith business plan

Ease of Use

Imagine you installed a lock on your bedroom door. If you fail to open the door from the inside in a case of emergency, how will you come out? Not just that, if your door lock isn’t easily accessible, it will soon become annoying because you will frequently use the lock. 

The best lock for the bedroom door will undoubtedly be easy to use and install. 


A good lock will be easily accessible by the user and provide strength against intruders. Low-quality locks will be easy to access by anyone and result in money wastage. Ensure that the lock has satisfying quality and strength to withstand unwanted entries before buying.  

Reliable Manufacturer

Where your security is concerned, it’s always better not to experiment with products. Try to go for the most reliable brands with good customer support. Read the user reviews before purchasing the lock. Try not to get confused among colorful advertisements. Not everything is as beautiful as advertised.


Other than the reasons mentioned above, you should also consider aesthetics. When it comes to your bedroom, it’s normal to get picky about looks. Select something that goes with your bedroom interior as well as ensures security. 


How can I make my bedroom door more secure?

You can add locks to your bedroom door. Other than that, there are other security measures like a bar, barricade, keyless locks, etc., for making your bedroom more secure. 

Should I put a lock on my bedroom door?

Yes, you should. If not for any other reason, you should put a lock for your private space and security. Other benefits are just a bonus. 

Can I put a deadbolt on my bedroom door?

Deadbolts provide strong security against forced entry. So, if it’s the security you desire for your bedroom, you can put a deadbolt on your bedroom door. 

Is it safe to lock your bedroom door at night?

As long as you can open the lock quickly in case of an emergency, it’s perfectly safe to lock your bedroom door. But if your bedroom is the only emergency exit for all other members, it’s better not to lock your bedroom door at night. 

Best alternative you may consider to pick: 

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob with Backup Mechanical Key (Spring Latch Lock; Not Deadbolt; Not Phone Connected), Single Front keypad YL 99 B
  • ✔️ EASY SETUP; Design for Do It Yourself (DIY); No Professional Needed; Everything Included!
  • ✔️ MAX SECURITY: AutoLock in 3-sec from Outside; Alert to Every Entry Attempt; No Phone Connected: No Hacking!
  • ✔️ RELIABLE and FAILPROOF: Backup Mechanical Key included and Battery Low Warning!
  • ✔️ FLEXIBLE: Master code, and upto 8 User Codes and P-Code, all Controlled by Your Own Master code. Rental Property friendly!
  • ✔️ FIT BOTH LEFT and RIGHT-HINGED DOORS; Replace Most Existing Door Knobs, Outdoor or Indoor, Easily!

Bottom Line

There you have it. Everything you should learn about bedroom door locks. Make up your mind first whether you want a lock on your bedroom door or not. Some people prefer not to have their bedroom door locked for various reasons.

If you are not one of them, it’s better to enlighten yourself about everything before purchasing a lock. We’ve tried to include everything to answer any questions you might have. Now it’s your turn to go through the best bedroom door locks and pick the best one depending on your preferred features. 

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